Role of History in Ideologies of Central Asian Regimes

In: Rozvoj české společnosti v Evropské unii [Development of Czech Society in the EU]. 3. díl (Jakub Končelík, Barbara Köpplová, Irena Prázová, Jiří Vykoukal, eds.), Matfyzpress, Prague, 2004, pp. 231-239. ISBN 80-86732-35-5.

Political leaders of many new independent states of former USSR (mostly authoritarian and totalitarian ones) turns their attention to various attributes of ideology in search for their state and national identity. History helps to manifest dominancy over other nations in the region and also confirms the right for existence of concrete nation in concrete space. Glorifying famous historical persons, stress on most magnificent periods of national histories or determination of the nation against its neighbours are the most important ideological tools of all Central Asian regimes. Suitable interpretation is therefore subject of overall propaganda, which infiltrates all spheres of public life as well as legitimises the leaders of the regime. Although in Central Asian states this interpretation of history does not ride up in comparison with similar regimes throughout the world, some specific features are worth searching.

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